kiara tsui, make-up stylist from hong kong, who believes in the magic world of colours and textures. she has started to do make-up for stage shows since she was in high school.

she had started her professional make-up training during her first year in university study in marketing. she has started to work as professional make-up artist since 2006.

she was working in model management, contemporary & performing art industry after graduation. her extensive exposure to fashion and image styling pieces in the early years has developed her strong affiliation to fashion colours secretly. her unique vision of emotional art is built-in through her strong interest in movies, music and stage performances since her childhood.

in 2011, she has started to work on photography for her make-up ideas. she is now developing her career to the next stage. she loves to work with professional photographers & models for commercial work pieces and fine art images. in the near future, she loves to travel around for exotic and extraordinary inspirations.

nature is the purest soul of beauty

no fur or cruel assignment

languages: cantonese, english, mandarin, francais, japanese